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"I am the proud father of a 2 yr old who has been impressing me daily with all of her knowledge that seems to increase every day. The way she is speaking and using her vocabulary makes me think 'did she really just say that?' She is able to identify all the animals in her books, knows all of her continents, oceans, where she lives, and she is even speaking spanish!"

What Parents are Saying

Parents, Teachers and Students working together harmoniously.

'We moved to Texas this year, in April. During our desperate search (lots of waiting lists) for premier childcare, we visited one of the top ranked preschools in Fort Worth, They apologized for being full but gave us a great recommendation.  The Academy in Willow Park Preschool. Best recommendation ever! PROS: Our daughter is learning a lot. (1) She's speaking a few five word sentences at 21 months. (2) The School has a morning routine that focus on teaching days of the week, planets, manners, fine motor skills and host of other things that our nationally ranked, premier Florida school didn't teacher her. (3) The play yard is humungous and safely contained. (4) There are lots of intelligence building toys, tools crafts and games. (5) Our daughter drinks lots of water throughout the day in her school assigned water bottle. (6) Cameras are everywhere!  We can watch our daughter at any given time, in any given room, on my smart phone, from work or from our home computer, there are even outdoor cameras so that we can watch her during recess at school.(7) Not many preschools encourage tots to brush their teeth after lunch (our daughter brushes her teeth daily at school). (8) This may seem miniscule, but our hearts melt every time our daughter says 'please' and 'thank you', she has just started saying those words a month ago. (9) Constant feedback from the friendly staff on our daughter's progress, behavior and eating habits, plus a weekly newsletter sent to our email accounts on goals for the coming week. (10) We can tell by our daughter's joyful expressions every morning that she enjoys going to school. CONS: If only they opened the doors at 6 a.m. I could drop her off my way to work."

"After looking in the Willow Park area for months, my daughter found The Academy. As a Grandmother of 3 girls I cannot say enough about the difference The Academy has made in their lives. Montessori is amazing, the teachers and aids are so warm and loving going to school every day. I am so proud of my smart and respectful my 2 year old granddaughter. Thank you for being such a wonderful place for these children to be learning."